September 22nd, 2013

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Friday we went to a book reading at the relocated Modern Times Bookstore: Barb Jensen, for her book on working class culture. Barb opened the reading with a couple of songs with Karen, with whom she was in a musical group back in Minneapolis two decades ago. It was great.

Saturday it rained, unusual for San Jose this early into Autumn (aka the Rainy Season, usu. Oct-March). I bought three books at the Santa Clara Friends of the Library sale, and then did historical research on the architect who designed our house. An hour into the research, the link to the newspaper database for San Jose began throwing connection errors; time to quit. But I had definitely determined that Wesley W. Hastings had been designing numerous houses, of all kinds and sizes, for his father's construction company (say, 1903-9), before he went off with Baker and formed an independent architectural firm as Hastings and Baker. Our house in 1909-10; maybe some day we'll find other information about it.

Sunday was devoted to throwing things out, putting things on a new bookshelf, and eating and drinking with guests.