magscanner (magscanner) wrote,

New Book Out

The Hidden Knowledge ePub reprint of the 1922 Sears Roebuck Catalog of Electrical Goods and Radio Apparatus is out! This is the first new book we've done in quite a while.

Available from Apple as an iBook (search for the isbn 9781595000057) and Amazon (search for ASIN B007UP59Y0) for $2.99.

This was an experiment: Can I do a book of images, all with lots of fine little bits of detail, and format it within some reasonable constraints of file size and readability? Answer: Yes, but a lot of tricky photoshop work was required. On the iPad, in particular, you can enlarge all the images and see the little teeny tiny bits. Thank you, O people who helped us debug it; it now works great.

The final product file size is slightly over 8 MB, which among other things means Amazon deducts $1.18 from the amount they pay me for every copy sold (their download fee, paid by the publisher rather than the purchaser). One cannot get rich this way.

Apple has a different cost model. So also do Barnes & Noble and a couple of other places where it will be for sale shortly.

The next Hidden Knowledge book will be mostly text.

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