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Home Alone

vgqn is in Minnesota and I'm trying to catch up on odd jobs and still have some fun. I've been doing better at the fun than the jobs, which is probably a good thing in the global overview.

I've done a preliminary version of the next e-book, which will be a collection of images of the pigmented constructed paper paintings of Pat Gentenaar-Torley; I'll send it off to her for review tomorrow. If you g00g1e her name you'll see some of her work. We met at Allen and Donya's solstice party last Saturday.

I've also added fifty or sixty more magazine cover images to the site.

I attempted to dub a program off my ATT DVR, but the DVD recorder refused, saying it was copyrighted material. This is brain-dead nonsense, and I'd join the EFF if I weren't already a long-time member. Probably there is a cure for this involving a computer, digital data, and some particular software I don't have. I actually went so far as to make a *videotape*, but the sound cut in and out and I discarded it. More activity will follow.

Last night was spent with friends at dinner, and then the Lyric Theater production of "The Gondliers," providing fun food, fun conversation, and a very silly but wonderfully produced show. We all kept running into people we knew, but the biggest surprise was to meet in the audience a well-known out-of-town skiffy writer whose daughter was in the production.

Tonight was burgers next door. There was some uncertainty on neighbors' part about exactly what meat the burgers were made of, but they passed inspection. I plucked a large zucchini from our front-yard garden, sliced it and seasoned it and grilled it. Wine pairings: some nice leftover Pinot Noir, a Red blend of some kind, and the 2006 Renwood Old Vine Zin that I brought over.

Besides garden maintenance (an hour spent trimming the geraniums by the house; watering; other cleanup), I've been spending an hour a day digging up the Artifact. Now if this were Britain, and the Time Team were here, we'd be claiming it as a Celtic stone storage cylinder base. Possibly its from an old watering trough ca. 1885-1900, from the days when the Race Track's stables lived on this particular piece of land; possibly it's an old garden water feature, as the San Jose archaeologist seemed to think; possibly it's an alien landing spot. Things that are certain: It's about 14 feet in diameter; it's full of broken concrete rubble and cut and shaped pieces of granite; it's about a foot under the current surface of the earth; and some previous owner knocked parts of it in and left them there under a thin layer of dirt. If it's feasible, I'll dig the whole thing up; if not, I'll re-bury it once I've abstracted the granite pieces.

We had a vague hope of going to Readercon, but have now transferred that loyalty to a music festival. Visitors have been coming by! I'd write more but I've run out of

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