magscanner (magscanner) wrote,

When Worlds Collide

I follow the eBook piracy wars, as sometimes eBook distribution sites allow uploads and sometimes enthusiastic fans post books still in copyright for free distribution to other fans. This is sometimes known as piracy and sometimes as copyright infringement.

Something called The Ultimate EBook Library ( is under attack for hosting lots and lots of copyrighted material. See for a discussion of this, if you care. Teubl has a Facebook page, which links to ... a short YouTube video by Nina Paley, with vocal by Connie Champagne and music arranged by Nik Phelps. The title of the YouTube video is "Copying Is Not Theft - Official Version" which begs the question of unofficial versions. Hey, it's lots of fun to watch, whether you believe it or not.

I never expected to write about Nik Phelps and eBook piracy in the same sentence. Check out the Facebook page for him and Nancy:

I did check Teubl and verified that they aren't carrying any of the books published by Hidden Knowledge. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that, or worried that we're just not in demand.

Our next ebook will be an art book with a title something like "Forty Paintings in Paper Fiber" featuring work by Pat Gentenaar-Torley.

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